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Greg Fischer on his blog My Life as a Fischer reviewed Cuqui on his blog on 9/8/2003:

Things that go bump in the night and eat your face off

Deep cover DEA agents. Gun fights. Sexy auburn haired archeologists. Humor. Monsters that creep the shit out of you and then eat your face while you're still alive. David L. Kilpatrick's "Cuqui" (pronouced koo-KOO-ee) has it all. Da Goddess discovered him through another blogger's review of one of his books and she commented that she wanted in on some of that 'review action'. A few emails between David (he's got a blog, too) and Da Goddess and lo! we've got book. Four, actually. Okay, eight - he generously sent 2 copies of each (thanks!).

Deep cover DEA agent Bumpy Sheffield has just seen something that, until now, he thought only existed in nightmares and monster movies. The novel's forward describes "Cuqui" as a term commonly used by Mexican-Americans to describe monsters of all kinds (think "The Bogey-man"). It has roots in African folklore about a similarly named beast that steals children in the night. I started the book a day or two after it arrived on our doorstep, reading before going to bed, when the computer was acting up...the times I normally set aside for reading. This morning, I was slightly less than half way through the book. I finished it this evening. I don't know when, but at some point, I didn't want to put the book down. I just had to keep reading. I wanted to find out what was going to happen next, when Cuqui was going to strike and who would be its next victim. And what would Bumpy and his friends do to try stop it when it sure seemed like they couldn't. Not too many books capture my interest in that way. If you like action, humor and horror, you'll like "Cuqui". David does an excellent job of mixing them all together. Da Goddess has been talking up "Undercover White Trash." I think I'll grab me an Old Milwaukie Milwaukee, some Skoal and read that next. - October 22, 2002 Reviewer: Milena Gomez

My Favorite author until the end will always rock, from a reader fan from Miami, Florida, United States. Magnificent story, maginificent Bumpy, Johnny, Savanna and Steve...even a magnificent Cuqui! I loved the story since the beginning. This writer rocks and I can't wait for other stories from him to come. It is a fun tale, with lots of gore ( in spanish ) and American fun. So to the author of In The Way That Elephants Do, I say you rock!

******************************* - September 14, 2002 - Reviewer: Dorothy Canedy

I just finished reading Cuqui and enjoyed it immensely. It starts off a little slow, but if you hang with it, you will find you can't turn the last few pages quickly enough to end the suspense. I continue to be astounded by the versatility of this author. From the deeply researched, and very well written In The Way That Elephants Do, to the hilarious Undercover White Trash, and now to Cuqui, a terrifying, gory, but fascinating tale of grotesque monsters. I anxiously await Mr. Kilpatrick's next book!