From the award-winning author of Undercover White Trash and Cuqui comes a heartwarming tale of one elephant's journey across the world. For a hundred years he traveled, remembering everything, in the way that elephants do...
" heck of a good tale! The spiritual side of it was very moving..." - Denise Hargrove of Nature Haven
"Touching, thought-provoking, and beautifully told...a deeply moving epic tale... There is something here that rings so true and pure. Moving, even haunting, without ever becoming preachy. Painted in loving strokes on the canvas that becomes one of the best books I've ever read..." -
A life-affirming epic unlike anything you have ever read. No one who has read this book can say it didn't move them. Some say it has even changed their lives. For a literary experience like no other, get your copy today.

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