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What the readers are saying:

"L.A. Confidential meets Raymond Chandler meets Alfred Hitchcock...hard-boiled, garish, at times vivid prose by a veteran investigator of the seamier side of Tinseltown...Pulp Fiction at its best."

Jonah Lissner, Editor-in-Chief, Lissnerís Adventure Fiction Online


"From the moment I opened the cover, I could not put this book down..." reviewer


"Possibly the best crime thriller written in two decades..."

Pandora Collins, Hollywood bombshell. The sex-addicted movie star has a problem; someone is stalking her. A twisted, demented psychopath that no one can stop. In a fit of desperation, she takes the law into her own hands. She hires someone to take care of the stalker.

A trained assassin.

A killer without remorse.

But Pandora soon learns that the cure she called upon is worse than the disease.

From the award-winning author of Undercover White Trash comes a bone-jarring tale of sex, murder and redemption in the City of Angels.

Screenplay available!

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