Eighteen with a bullet. We've all been there. Bouncing on the bridge between our past and the rest of our lives, hoping the ropes don't break but praying they will.

I guess that sums up what it means to be young and free and caught in that netherworld. When I first read Megan's work, the angst and tumult of being young just sang through. She has a knack for capturing the essense of her reality and putting it on paper. She creates snapshots of her world and jams them into our heads like a demented Girl Scout pounding a tent stake with a ten-pound sledge hammer.

She hails from Maryland and sometimes from Dallas...I'm really not sure where she is now. A literary phantom.

So dive headfirst off the spit-covered stage of your existence and enter Megan's world. For just awhile.

Warning: Adult content. Sissy boys and rah rah girls not allowed.


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