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December 29, 2003

More Jacko whacko & various stuffola

Michael Jackson now claims the police manhandled him during his "arrest" the other day. Said they dislocated his shoulder with their handcuffing procedure and locked him in a restroom for 45 minutes. My first thoughts upon hearing this were that his entire "arrest" was nothing short of red-carpeting the event. Upon getting their warrant, the police notified the media that he needed to turn himself in. They gave him a couple of days to do this, as best I can recall. Unfortunately, this is how child sex offenders are usually handled in my state, and apparently in California as well. Sex offenders are often told they have a warrant and they need to turn themselves in. No other offenders are usually afforded this luxury; a drug offender, for example with the same number and degree of drug crimes, would NEVER be told to turn himself in. A police team would find him, kick his door down, and drag him away in handcuffs. Treating the sex offenders in this "gentlemanly" way has always shocked and perplexed me. Jacko should have been taken into custody by the Las Vegas P.D. in the usual fashion, and the police from Santa Barbara should have gone to pick him up. If he cried and catterwhalled the entire time, so be it. If he wants to run with the big dogs, he can't pee like a puppy. And as far as him complaining about being locked in a restroom for 45 minutes, I bet he wouldn't have complained if he had been locked in a restroom with an eight-year-old boy. (Oops. Sorry. Not nice.)

Watch as Jacko begins doing what I said he would do: creating confusion, dissention and chaos. Deflecting attention and blame from himself onto others. His phony conversion to the Nation of Islam and this police brutality thing are laying the groundwork for a black/white monkey wrench later on. What's ironic is that many Islamic states would execute Jacko for the crimes he's been charged with committing...

Guhmuns, yah

Just got back from a day in Fredricksberg, Texas. It's an old German town in central Texas that is now a tourist Mecca. It reminds me a lot of Sante Fe; a really nice place that has been taken over by wealthy yuppies who have driven 90% of the charm away as they turned the place into a collective of over-priced art galleries, craft shops and antique stores. Had some good schnitzel there, though. And caught this interesting bumper sticker:

The gene pool needs some chlorine.

Leave it to the Germans to come up with this little ditty.

Miraculous stain

Seems some parishiners at a church in Connecticut have seen the Blessed Virgin appear on their ceiling - in what looks to me like a water stain.

Racachinas said plans to repair the aging ceiling might be changed to accommodate the image. "At this time, we have stopped to see what would develop from here (editorial comment: like having thousands of gullible tourists come here and give money)," said Racachinas. "If, at this time, we decide to paint, which we really want to do, we are contemplating leaving that spot untouched (editorial comment: so thousands of tourists will come and give money for many years to come)."

Church custodian Lonnie Blackwell said the image is comforting. "It's telling us something," said Blackwell. "The Lord is saying something."

Yeah, he's telling you to fix your roof.


Thanks to Kyle Anders for pointing out a few typos in "Rockets." Did a quick conversion of this one from text to Word to html and messed up quite a bit of stuff. I will fix and re-post asap.


December 19, 2003

You go, gur! and Pervert Words

Got a lot of response from my previous post. Thanks for the emails. To continue with the theme, I thought I'd post this little ditty from the AP:

275-Pound Prostitute Strips Attacker

Associated Press BAKERSFIELD, Calif.

A 140-pound rapist met his match in an angry, 275-pound prostitute, police said. Adrian Castillo Ramirez allegedly tried to sexually assault a 24-year-old Bakersfield prostitute who was nearly twice his weight. But she took his knife, stripped him naked and paraded him in front of other prostitutes, after asking how many of them had ever been forced into sex at knifepoint. Then she tried to take him - still naked - to the police station, reports said. Castillo was charged with failing to register as a sex offender, and with committing forcible sex acts on the 24-year-old and on a 37-year-old woman in a previous incident. He was convicted of four counts of rape in 1988. Castillo pleaded innocent Wednesday, and is being held on $250,000 bail, police said.

Looks like Adrian messed with the wrong ho!

Speaking of perverts, for your entertainment pleasure, I wanted to post a list of terms involving sexual deviancy. Psychologists call these behaviors paraphilias, or sexual behaviors that can dominate a person's sexuality. They are basically obsessive sexual behaviors. The lists are too long to post in the blog so you can see them on this separate page. I stole these lists from a few sites and forgot to keep the urls. I'll give credit when I track them down (even though these people stole the terms and definitions from someone else).

Two things to remember when going through the lists: 1) There are a lot of twisted people in the world, and 2) Where in the list are YOU??? :)


December 17, 2003

Michael Jackson and other sick pukes

I've been watching the case develop against Jacko, just as half the world has. It will be a grand spectacle and should prove to be a lesson for laypersons in the complex world of sexual offenses, the legal system, and our society in general. Of course, I have to qualify everything I'll write about this guy with the lead-in: If he is indeed guilty of the crimes with which he is charged...

Jackson is what I call "The Sugardaddy" offender. These are the guys whose modus operandi is the cultivation of a crop of potential victims by providing an environment that children are drawn toward. The ones I've encountered are usually homosexual offenders for some reason. Sometimes they are attracted to both boys and girls, but rarely to girls alone. Sugardaddies give the kids what they want, depending on the age range of the children they prefer. Pedophiles (offenders whose primary sexual attraction is toward prepubescent children) will have a house full of toys and games and cartoon DVD's, etc. Going into their home is like going into a toy store. If they like their kids a little older, like pubescent-age boys, they'll stock their homes with things boys that age love: video games and bicycles. Early teen boys will be presented with motorcycles, better video games, and computers. To teenage boys, Sugardaddy's place is a crash pad; an oasis away from their parents. Sugardaddies like boys from troubled backgrounds and from families that don't keep track of their kids' whereabouts. The boys will always find Sugardaddy there welcoming them. He'll introduce them to the forbidden pleasures their parents deny them. They can look at porn on the Internet, watch PPV adult movies, drink beer, smoke weed, and crash without having to worry about meddling parents or judgmental adults. Money flows freely from Sugardaddy's hand. Sugardaddy is a cool guy.

Be mindful of this fact as the Jacko case unfolds: Sugardaddies always have many kids around them, yet they'll only molest a few. This is a calculated tactic that I promise you'll see Jackson use later on. The Sugardaddy offender, when caught, when his sleazy underbelly is exposed to the world, will always, repeat - always - offer up the boys that he didn't molest as evidence that he is not a child molester. If he has a "stable" of fifty boys, he'll molest only one or two. When those two blow the whistle (which is rare), you'll see the other 48 paraded in front of the TV cameras, child welfare workers, the police investigators, and ultimately the jury, each telling their tales of what a nice, proper man the Sugardaddy has always been to them. The 48 will vilify the other kids, telling the world that they are liars, bad kids, drug addicts...anything to ruin their reputations and demoralize them. This has already begun in the Jackson case. It will only get worse.

The Sugardaddy offender is one of the most prolific offenders. They'll molest hundreds of children in their "careers" yet they are rarely caught. Why? Because the victims are chosen very carefully. The offender will cut those few from the group who do have bad reputations, emotional problems, or those who are quiet, withdrawn, and easily embarrassed. The ones adults won't readily believe if they ever decide to turn on Sugardaddy. The fact that Sugardaddy has given them things for so long makes them look like, and feel like, prostitutes. They let Sugardaddy do those things to them, and he pays them. He gives them cars and money and drugs and computers... They feel guilt over this. This is one of the main reasons male victims report their abusers ten times less frequently than female victims do.

Jackson is not the King of Pop; he is the King of Sugardaddies. His estate is a paradise designed for one thing: enticing little boys to stay. Once they are there, he can pick and choose his victims at his leisure, while they ride the roller coaster and play with five million dollars' worth of toys and games. The victim that came forward in this case apparently has cancer, terminal cancer. Perhaps he was the perfect victim for Jackson: one that Jackson assumed would be dead before he could spill the beans about what happened at Neverland. I'm glad to see the police in California raided Jackson's home for evidence. Most of these offenders photograph or video their victims. Little boys grow up. Once past that magic age the offender prefers, they lose their attractiveness. Photographing them freezes the victim at the age at which they were victimized, giving the offender a lifetime of masturbatory pleasure long after the victim has grown into adulthood. I hope that the police found such evidence in Jackson's fortress home (they were obviously looking for this kind of evidence; they raided Jackson's personal videographer's home and office as well). With this smoking gun, all of Jacko's bullshit lies will be for nothing.

I'll watch this case as it unfolds and give my biased opinion on this blog. You can take it or leave it, just as society will either believe Jackson or believe the victim. As all offenders do, Jackson will create chaos around him, pitting supporters against detractors. Offenders are expert at this. While the maelstrom they create swirls around them, they step away from the chaos while others fight. Deflection of blame,'s all part of their repertoire, their skill, their science of offending. Watch closely and be able to read behind the spin, behind the confusion.

The Kobe Bryant cases is another matter. I may talk about it later. But suffice it to say that one thing has developed already from this case. A pall has fallen over this country, a shadow. The shadow is a messenger. The message to women is quite clear: If you are ever raped during a social situation ("date rape" or at a party, etc.), NEVER TELL ANYONE. Your name will be dragged through the mud, your most private secrets - even your medical history - will be made public. You will be made to feel like a whore, even if your only transgression was to go out with a guy on an innocent date. This case will set back the cause of women's victimization fifty years.


December 13, 2003

Hypocrisy and resentment

I guess these two words could sum up my experience with the local newspaper, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Those of you who read my blog piece about "a prophet has no honor in his own country and in his own house..." know what I'm talking about. I encountered a great example of this in Friday's S-T. There's a front page article on a local defense attorney who just released his first CD. His name is Greg Westfall, and his wife is currently a prosecutor in my county. The article talks about what a shocker it is for everyone he works with to know he's a musician on the side. Hard-nosed defense attorney by day, songwriter/guitarist/vocalist by night. Don't get me wrong; I'm proud of Greg and his achievement. I hope his indie CD is a hit, and I hope he attracts the music industry. I hope he gets a contract and gets to pursue his true love - music - and gets to quit being a lawyer (if that's what he wants). Exposure in the local media can do that for a home boy. That's one of the main things local media should do: promote local talent.

Here's my beef: I work in the same county, in the same system. I've released not one work, but four. I have two of these works in the movie machine. Two of them have won a total of three literary awards. I've appeared in four local television shows, one local newspaper and in one local magazine. People who work with me are shocked when they learn I'm a writer on the side. Yet unlike Greg, I have received not ONE mention in the S-T in three years, and after repeated attempts.

Much of this can be explained in the way newspaper staffs are organized. The article on Greg was written by Melody McDonald, a columnist who probably works in the Life/Arts department. Her boss obviously has a mandate to showcase local musicians and artists. They understand their role. On the other hand, all stories concerning books seem to be filtered through one man in the S-T hierarchy: Jeff Guinn. Another reporter for the S-T once told me that no book-related article could be written by anyone without his seal of approval. If you don't meet his standards, you don't get in. He has been allowed to position himself as the self-appointed Reichsführer aus Literatur for the S-T. This is the guy who refused to review my first novel because it wasn't "available in hardback." He then said since it was self-published, it wasn't worthy of review due to S-T "policy." He then turned around and reviewed a fellow journalist's self-published book (printed himself and sold out of his garage) in a full-page Sunday paper spread. He also wasn't shy when it came to having his own book reviewed in his own paper by his own staff. I wonder why that's okay in S-T "policy" but reviewing a local author isn't. Makes one wonder if Jeff's "policies" are just a smoke screen for his literary snobbishness.

Yeah, stuff like this still pisses me off, even though I know that's just the way it is. And I don't need the S-T; I'm doing just fine without them. But there are a lot of indie writers in this town who aren't doing as well; they could use a little exposure. Maybe they're willing to beg for the attention. Not me; I won't suck Jeff Guinn's #!@& to get my name in one of his pieces if that's a requirement.


December 11, 2003

Sweating bullets. Well, maybe BB's...

Got an email from the agent in Gollywood about the screenplay. The treatment and character summary are with a star they have in mind for one of the roles. Another set is with the wheels of a production company. Here's the way things work in Hollywood, where people are extremely busy and inundated with scripts and ideas (the agency receives 3 or 4 screenplays per day). Everyone is looking for a new idea to develop into a movie. They have to review a lot of material to find what they want. Most are too busy to read a book. So, the next thing they'll consider reading is a screenplay (120 pages). If they are too busy for that, they'll take a look at a treatment (a scene-by-scene summary; mine is 13 pages). If they are too busy for that, they'll look at a log line (a one-paragraph teaser about the plot). Somewhere in there can also be a pitch, which is usually a verbal summary of the story pitched Ginsu-knife-salesman style to the movers and shakers. So, they start with the smallest version of the story and work their way up. This puts my treatment and character summary near the bottom of their to-do list.

It's a weird feeling knowing that stars and producers are reading my work. These people are just names to us; flashy text in the opening credits. Imagining that these flesh-and-blood people are actually seeing my work with a critical eye is both exhilarating and scary. I know my screenplay is strictly amateur-hour; I'm not trained in this craft, nor do I pretend to be. Knowing that the people who make and break Hollywood wannabes will see my dopey job is creepy. In the publishing world, editors often can see the statue inside the lump of stone. They are willing to work with a writer to chisel it to perfection. The movie industry has a reputation for wanting the perfect statue placed before them. The agent says they'll work with me. Comforting, but not completely comforting.


December 7, 2003

Pissed off baby

No particular reason to post this newborn-David pic on my blog. Just ran across it today. I guess it's a tribute to my Mom. Hi, Mom! Poor thang. I weighed one ounce short of 8 pounds, and was only 19 inches long. A turkey. And to top it all off, it was 5am. Insult to injury. No C-section here; the reason I look like I just did a few rounds with Mike Tyson is because I DIDN'T WANT TO COME OUT, DAMN IT! I was kicking and screaming and gouging those $%$!ers who were trying to pull me out - with forceps. Man, I was laying there all fat, dumb and happy, then I get squeezed out into a room blasted with BRIGHT light, people hollering, then some &*%$!& slapped the crap out of me, and another one poured silver nitrate in my eyes, and another stuck my little foot with a needle. Then I got my foot printed with ink like it was ME who had committed some crime. My mug shot here was the final part of the book-in procedure, I guess. It only got worse from there; a few days later some Gestapo doctor came in and whacked off the end of my manhood. Like that's not supposed to hurt.

But on the good side, I had a damn fine head of hair, didn't I? Still do.

Thanks, Mom! I love you!!!!


December 4, 2003

Laugh 'til I Cried

My friend Chuck sent me a link to the weirdest blog on the planet. I clicked on it unknowingly and ran into a Flash animation that made me laugh so hard that I cried. People were coming into my office wondering if I was having a seizure. After I composed myself, I went to the main blog and found that these British chaps do nothing but create whacky animations and post them to the blog. I'll link to two of them here, my favs:

Don't ask me to explain them or why I like them.

I'll load up on them before I go to jury duty tomorrow so I'll be in a good mood. I need to remember to bring a Bible and shout a few "thus sayeth the Lords" in the jury hall to make sure they don't pick me.


December 2, 2003


First, my classic country-western lyrics of the day, from an artist unknown:

There ain't no trash in my trailer...

Since the day I threw you outta here.

Okay, now that the important stuff is out of the way...let's get back to the topic. Fear. I know all of you have heard about the girl kidnapped from the mall parking lot in North Dakota. She was working at Victoria's Secret and left for home, when someone nabbed her while she was talking to her boyfriend on her cell phone. Big manhunt is ongoing, but they still haven't found her. They've arrested a convicted sex offender, however. Which leads me to the topic. If you want to be afraid, don't go to see a scary movie. Don't read King or Rice or Poe. Go to this site

It's the Texas Department of Public Safety's Missing Persons web page. It lists people who have disappeared, most from Texas. Now, if you subtract the parental abductions from this, you're left with the unknown abductees, the runaways, and the "endangered" who are either mental cases or actual runaways with a known drug or mental problem. I know parental abductions and runaways are awful things, and are an entire blog entry unto themselves. I want to focus on what is left: The listings of the unknowns. It is HUGE. It is amazing to me how many people, adults and children alike, go to the store or to a neighbor's house and simply disappear. Forever. No clues, no suspects. Nothing.

Look through this site. Study the faces. Each has a story to tell, but we'll probably never hear it. For me, it is a haunting, sobering experience. People can explain all this through serial killers, satanic cults, UFO abductions or whatever, but the fact remains that even in these modern times, it is possible to vanish off the face of the earth. This problem is as enormous as it is intriguing. If half as much effort was put into finding what happened to these people as there is put into finding little green men, we might actually solve just a little bit of this mystery.


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